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HoloTech Records: the birth of a new musical giant

HoloTech Records the birth of a new musical giant
HoloTech Records

In the world of music, big names often attract the spotlight. But behind every resounding success lies a story of passion, determination, and vision. It is in this spirit that Mason Ewing, an American-Cameroonian entrepreneur and visionary, gave birth to HoloTech Records, a new musical branch of his company, Mason Ewing Corporation, based in Los Angeles, United States. The idea behind HoloTech Records is bold and ambitious: to discover promising artists worldwide and elevate African music to new heights by propelling it onto the international stage. For its founder, this new music label and record company is a way to celebrate his Cameroonian roots while embracing the cultural diversity of the world.

Ewing’s story is that of a man who refuses to be confined by geographical boundaries or cultural barriers. Born in Douala, Cameroon, Mason spent part of his childhood surrounded by the love of his mother, Marie, his great-grandmother Élise, and other family members in the Akwa neighborhood. It is there that his passion for music took root, nurtured by the captivating melodies of Cameroonian artists such as Grâce Decca, Ben Decca, Prince Eyango, Pierre Moussy, Sale John, and Junior Eyango. Despite his deep attachment to his Cameroonian roots, the CEO chose America as a land of opportunities to pursue his dreams.

“The United States is my country! This is where I am building my life, and I want my future children to be proud of their American roots.”

he declares proudly

However, his love for Africa and his desire to contribute to its cultural development remain unwavering. That is why HoloTech Records intends to establish itself not only in the United States but also in Africa, particularly in Cameroon. A way to pay tribute to his origins and share the richness of African culture with the rest of the world.

“Africa is my continent! It holds great importance in my heart, and I love it.”

he emphasizes

Fate brought Ewing into contact with many people in the music world: producers, singers, musicians, sound engineers, and many others. Naturally attentive, he absorbed the entire music world by frequenting these big names, taking note of every detail of their experiences, whether positive or negative. His goal: to infuse all this richness into his label, HoloTech Records. Among the people he met are Carl Graves, the keyboardist and singer of the famous American new wave band Oingo Boingo from the 80s, the late Cameroonian musician Manu Dibango, and the producer Hervé Le Guil, founder of La Fabrique, one of the most prestigious residential recording studios in the world, having worked with legends such as Nick Cave, Patricia Kaas, and Charles Aznavour, etc. All these encounters allowed him to acquire essential knowledge to set his label on the path to success. Even his uncle, Tony, moved in the upper echelons of the Cameroonian music industry. From then on, the entrepreneur’s entry into the world of music seemed to be written in advance!

“I learn a lot from the people around me. I find that there are many young talents who are very strong in singing, and I want to produce their music. I hope they are discovered outside of Africa, that they become phenomena in the world. I want to discover Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Rihanna, etc. among women and Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, and Michael Jackson among men. To make artists shine who are a pride for us, the black community.”

explains Mason Ewing

But HoloTech Records is not limited to music production. It is also a community committed to inclusion and accessibility.

“Being disabled, I want HoloTech Records to give everyone a chance. So if someone has a disability but is talented, let them come. Within Mason Ewing Corp, we do not make a difference.”

he says with conviction

Moreover, beyond the personalities from the music world mentioned earlier, the latter notably has the support of eminent personalities such as the Roberts family, embodied by the actress and casting director Eliza Roberts and her husband, the actor Eric Roberts, or the Hollywood producer and Oscars member Stephen Nemeth, who share the common goal of supporting projects from Mason Ewing Corporation. This support may herald XXL collaborations in the future between the cinema sphere and HoloTech Records. Within the label, an ambitious strategy is emerging, but despite everything, its newly arrived members confirm: human values ​​remain at the heart of their philosophy. We discovered this team, composed for the moment of six people and which embodies this vision. The organization of major concerts in Cameroon and other countries will be orchestrated by the events organizer Arthur Buigues. Dany Bony Brown, composer and artistic director, as well as Baba Wild, comedian and lyricist, will enrich the artist productions with their expertise. Kim Amghar, a dancer with solid experience, has joined the team as a choreographer to enhance future stage performances and create choreographies similar to the “doopitshoo” on which we currently have no more information. Behind the scenes, Pierre Chasles manages the label’s social networks while Mason Ewing Corp’s lawyer, Master Alan Canterbury, oversees the legal aspects.

In summary, HoloTech Records presents itself as a new label full of potential for the future. Its very first project, the single Souvenirs de Guerre (War Memories), bears Mason Ewing’s signature for the lyrics and constitutes a tribute to Louis Lopez, a dear friend of his. Although little information is available at this stage, we know that this song, which will take the form of a nursery rhyme, will tell the story of a friendship broken by war between a white soldier and a black soldier. A title to discover soon and which surely marks the beginning of a long story!