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Baba Wild discusses his life in Hollywood  

Baba Wild on Hollywood Boulevard
Toombow Kids

As a valued member of Mason Ewing Corporation’s team, Baba Wild is one of the few actors to have been selected by Ewing Power Production to go to the U.S. to participate in its future film and televisions projects. With stars in his eyes, the 26 year old has been living in Hollywood since October 2022, and he shares with us his incredible experiences.

Toombow Kids: Hi Baba, how are you doing since the last time we met for Toombow Kids? Congratulations on being chosen by EPP for this American adventure. What are your impressions of the country ?

Baba Wild: I’m doing great, it’s nice to see you again. Well I feel really honored and grateful to Mason Ewing and EPP for giving me a chance. One day, I would like to be able to do the same and help other actors !

Toombow Kids: That’s very generous of you. We are curious, how did Americans treat you when you arrived? 

Baba Wild: From the first day we arrived, we were welcomed warmly and with great humanity. The people were great with us and taught us about the American « codes », and things to know.  Americans really take the time to explain things to foreigners. I feel very comfortable here.

Toombow Kids: As they say, “Welcome to the USA!” You’re in the promised land of artists which is also known for the magical encounters you make, especially during the nightlife. Can you tell us about the Hollywood party scene?

Baba Wild: These are evenings where we meet a lot of professionals, but they are also very “human” encounters, because we meet a lot of open-minded people that we can easily talk to. We can have very enriching conversations. And I like the idea of seeing a lot of people gathered in the same place who are there to accomplish their dream in the 7th art.

Toombow Kids: Speaking of movies, we’d like to talk to you about an incredible meeting you had with Stephen Nemeth, a Hollywood producer who has worked on many films and documentaries, as well as being a member of the Academy Awards. Can you tell us how it happened? 

Baba Wild: It was one of the most unlikely encounters of my life. It was on the Asian Film Festival’s opening night. I was with my team and when we left the room at the end of the screening, a gentleman came up to Mason. We talked, my friend Mason introduced himself, talked about his film projects, and he and this gentleman named Stephen Nemeth exchanged contact information. When we looked up his name on the internet, and we saw what he has accomplished, we were thrilled to have talked to this great producer who is a Hollywood heavyweight and a nice person too!

Toombow Kids: Yes, it’s impressive! One of the most well-known movies he produced is without a doubt Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, starring famous actors and actresses such as Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Tobey Maguire and Katherine Helmond. Have you seen this movie? Would you like to work with Stephen Nemeth on a future project?

Baba Wild: Yes, I saw it a long time ago and ever since we met, I intend to see it again. I remember it’s a “hallucinating” film with many adventures, and unexpected situations that made me laugh. Yes, of course, I’d love to make projects with him ! I love to work with passionate people ! Even if this producer has an impressive career, he remains humble, approachable and that’s wonderful. Every time we talked to him, he gave off positive energy, he had a smile on his face and I think that’s important. Also, I think that with his experience, he could give me good advice for my career. Also, he produces quality projects so I would love to work with him.

Toombow Kids: We completely understand you. EPP’s team revealed to us that the great American acting coach, Vernice Klier, who specializes in coaching actors in English, will work with you. EPP wants the French actors it works with to excel at their art. How does it feel to know that you will be working with this world-renowned professional who has coached great actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Binoche and Vincent Cassel?

Baba Wild: I am truly honored. Because of her experience in the artistic world and her skills, she has a lot to contribute. I thank Mason for that because he gives me the chance to work with people like her with values. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Vernice Klier a few years ago when she came to France to coach French actors. She is someone who listens to others, and is kind at heart, and this is essential in the artistic world.

Toombow Kids: It makes us want to know her! What is your upcoming EPP project?

Baba Wild: You will see me in « Love at First Sight in Kribi 2.0 ». Most of the filming will take place in Kribi, Cameroon, as well as the United States and France. I can’t wait to go back to Cameroon, there are many beautiful things to discover there!

Toombow Kids: We will be following this closely. Do you have a final message for young actors who are hesitating to go to the U.S. to launch their careers?

Baba Wild: If you are hesitating because you don’t know the country, don’t be afraid because the U.S. gives people a chance. You have to work hard to succeed but there is a meritocracy in place, that’s what makes them strong. The EPP production team and their lawyer are doing everything possible so that we can get our work papers. The Americans like everything to be in order and I totally agree with them.

Toombow Kids: Thank you Baba Wild for sharing your adventure with us. The Toombow Kids team wishes you all the best in Hollywood!

Baba Wild met Vernice Klier
Vernice Klier and baba wild – Toombow Kids