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Re Drink, the new healthy energy drink

Re Drink bottles
Re Drink

Imagine a drink that blends blueberries, apples, oranges, peaches and other delicious fruits, with a beautiful pink color, that’s completely natural and free of substances harmful to our health… Well, this drink does exist! Toombow Kids has discovered it and wants to share it with you kids, because we think you’ll love it. You can lick your lips because today we’ll talk about Re Drink!

First, it’s important to talk about the moms of this project, or should we say « mamas, » because they are Italian. Originally from the sunny region of Calabria in southern Italy, Celine Pujo and Jennifer Taverna are two sisters with a passion for food. Determined entrepreneurs, their goal was to offer the public quality drinks that would not contain any products harmful to the health. Indeed, these beautiful black cans do not contain any trace of taurine, caffeine or alcohol, which makes these healthy energy drinks a product accessible to all! From children to adults, including teenagers and pregnant women, everyone can consume them freely and benefit from their good taste and the pep they bring thanks to their fresh products!

One of the credos of the founders of Re Drink is the « 100%” » natural and we understand why! In fact, in addition to using no coloring agents, preservatives or allergens, each ingredient, without exception, comes from Italy, so the fruit has plenty of time to ripen in the sun before being processed in a factory located in the north of the country, in Fidenza, near Parma. Moreover, the originality of the drink is not so much the fruit we mentioned earlier, but other ingredients such as lime, blueberry, as well as exotic ones like bergamot, ginseng or guarana! The latter, considered the magic touch, is a climbing plant whose seeds have stimulating properties to relieve fatigue, improve resistance to physical effort and even help intellectual activity! A mix of flavors that makes you want to try it, but for the smart ones who would like to try to recreate the drink at home, know that even if the Re Drink team is transparent about its ingredients, the exact amounts and the manufacturing process are kept secret!

Now we’ll answer the question you’ve all been asking: what did the Toombow Kids team think of these popular drinks? We had the opportunity to test them during Madison Day on June 16th 2022, an event celebrating the world of Baby Madison. Re Drink was our partner. Our verdict is clear: Thumbs up! It’s fresh, tasty, and has just the right amount of sweetness. You can taste the blueberry and bergamot, and it has a taste that stands out from the rest of its competitors. You won’t find it anywhere else. The Madison Day guests, who were personalities of all kinds from the world of business, fashion, cinema or music, all loved it too!

For all those who would like to make a partnership with them, do not hesitate to contact them on their website Re Drink, the drink that gives strength and joy to the Toombow engine!