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Baby Madison Happy Families is Logan’s favorite game!

Baby Madison happy Familes cards game
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Hey kids, Toombow Kids is here to give you a forum to talk about your favorite things! Logan, a 9-year-old American boy living in Seattle, Washington, is going to do just that. Let’s give him a warm welcome and hear what he has to say!

Toombow Kids: Hi Logan, how are you? So, what is the game you wanted to share with Toombow Kids readers today?

Logan: Hi Toombow Kids, I’m doing great. I wanted to talk about a game that I love to play with. It’s called Baby Madison Happy Families.

Toombow Kids: Thanks for sharing that with us, Logan. Can you describe the game?

Logan: It’s a game with 7 cute families, with babies and their family members.

Toombow Kids: Sounds like fun! How did you find out about it?

Logan: On the weekends, sometimes my Dad and I go on the computer and look on Amazon for cool toys for me. As I liked the pictures of the game, I asked Dad to order it for me. Since it’s the best one, he said yes. I received it the next day!

Toombow Kids: What a great discovery! What do you like most about the game?

Logan: The drawings of the characters on the cards are beautiful! Since I draw, I can use it to copy them. Also, the rules of the game are in French and in English so when I play, it helps me to learn French words. For example, the word “family” in French is “famille.” And the rules of the game are easy, so I can play with my little brother who is 6 years old.

Toombow Kids: You must have some great games! Did you hear about Baby Madison before, the little blue-eyed baby of mixed race, who’s on the packaging and back of the cards?

Logan: Not at all. Dad and I looked his name up on the Internet, and in fact, there’s a lot of stuff about him! I read his story on Baby Madison Wiki on Fandom. I love what he does!

Toombow Kids: I got it! Do you have a message for the kids who read our magazine?

Logan: Just Google « Baby Madison Happy Families » and play it. It’s not well known yet, but the game is awesome and so is the baby. I advise you to ask your parents to download the Baby Madison Happy Families application on their phone. I asked Dad to download it and it was free and you can play it even if there is no connection, Anyway, I’m sure that in the future Baby Madison will be a big hit!

Toombow Kids: I think the message got through! Kids, you know what you need to do! Thanks Logan for your time and see you soon on Toombow Kids!

Hello this message is for you children, I am not Mrs. Santa Claus, but I am your favorite fairy Elvira. I know that unfortunately some children do not get any toys at Christmas, but I hope that my column will bring you a little dream of joy. And who knows, maybe one day the Toombow Train will drop a toy in front of your fireplace. Close your eyes and let the fairy with her magic wand do the rest.