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Is Jonathanland’s Mayor unfaithful?

Hello dear little strawberry readers ! This is Miss Tagada, the most gossipy witch in Jonathanland at your service! If you’re reading these words, that means you’re eager to hear the latest gossip from the city and that’s good because I’ve always got plenty of it! I know you’ll love this story today, because a local big shot is involved… Mayor Arthur Froufrou himself! Tagada-ha-ha! So, is this beloved politician up to no good? Let me tell you…

It all started when one of my beloved strawberries that I hid in the four corners of Jonathanland to collect gossip informed me that Arthur Froufrou was acting strangely. He was still meeting with the citizens and carrying out his mayoral activities, but lately he’s been smiling all the time and seemed even happier than usual. And you know me, I wondered if he was hiding something! I love gossip, and I’m very suspicious, so I decided to spy on him. And that evening I wasn’t disappointed!

Hiding behind the kitchen window of Arthur Froufrou’s house, I heard him tell his wife not to wait for him tonight, because he has a business dinner with some important businessman. As soon as he got into his car, I hopped on my flying broomstick and followed him. I found it odd that the meeting place was on a nearly deserted street in the San Africa neighborhood. To tell you the truth, I had forgotten that this restaurant existed! I waited a few minutes after he got there to get closer and then I was shocked! The mayor was having a one-on-one conversation not with a man but with a beautiful woman! What a rotten strawberry, he lied to his wife! I thought he was more honest! Perhaps she’s just a friend… I must dig to find out for sure. I love my job, I’m a real troublemaker!

The next day, I stayed hidden near the city hall, and around 1:30 pm at lunch time, he came out and got into his car. I followed him again and he stopped at the Madison Color store to buy a nice Jordan California suit. He put it on and walked away looking proud. I found this suspicious, but wait a minute because the best is yet to come! Mr. Froufrou parked near a house and waited. After a while, two people were seen coming out: Kiran Parkash and his wife Eloisa. She kissed him and he left in his big mail truck to make his daily rounds. Shortly after he left, the Mayor drove up to the couple’s house, rang the bell, and Eloisa let him in. I couldn’t believe it! Thirty minutes later, Arthur came out of the house with her. He gave her an envelope, which she opened and took out some money and put it in her pocket. I was shocked, I felt sorry for the Mayor’s wife, poor Gisele Froufrou, and her three children, Tom, Montgomery and Tara… You wonder how this story ended? Well, actually… very well!

A few weeks later, Gisèle Froufrou’s sublime birthday party took place! Everything was perfect, the room, the decoration, the food, the entertainment! And guess who took care of it all? Eloisa Parkash, one of the best event planners in Jonathanland! That’s why the Mayor told his wife a pack of lies! Also he kept it a secret because he and Kiran, Eloisa’s husband, can’t stand each other, so he didn’t want him to know that he had hired his wife! I’m reassured that everything is fine in the Froufrou family!

See you next time my dear strawberries for new gossip!

Miss Tagada
Hi friends, my name is Miss Tagada and I'm Jonathanland’s gossip witch. Read my column, you won't be disappointed, because I have ears everywhere. The small elves in the forest tell me all the secrets of Jonathanland each night! With my broom, I'll take you on a journey through this city to discover the mysteries and juicy secrets of the people here. Uh oh ! Come on, I'll take you with me!