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Alisson Renaux’s Valentine’s Day secrets

Alisson is smiling
Toombow Kids

Cupid is happy and excited because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner ! February 14th is a day for lovers around the world to reaffirm their love. Yet, it’s more complex than you might think! Cupid has his arrows, but mortals have to find their own solutions to keep the flame alive with their partner. Today, Alisson, a 33 year old mother, agreed to share her tips and secrets with Toombow Kids to have the best Valentine’s Day ever. She also gives her opinion on some issues that couples face.

Alisson met Mathew, her Prince Charming, four years ago. A story worthy of a modern day fairy tale that nobody could have predicted! Indeed, when she was 29, the young woman had already given up on true love. After a series of disappointments, she didn’t want to hear about men anymore. Then, she went to the end of year work party, which shook everything up ! Sitting at a table with a friend, Alisson noticed a catering service employee who she couldn’t stop staring at, and his smile showed that he seemed to enjoy it. Alisson’s friend noticed this and pushed her to approach him!

“I wrote my number on a piece of paper and signed “red jacket,” as that’s what I was wearing. My friend went to give him the paper, and around midnight, he texted me.”

A short time later, Alisson and Mathew became couple. Now they are the happy parents of little Giulian who will celebrate his first birthday on February 23, 2023. This new bundle of joy came at the right time for a first Valentine’s Day for the family. However, Alisson is clear: nothing should slow down their romance! So, for Valentine’s Day, she already knows what she’ll do, starting with a cozy evening at home with a delicious meal delivered to them. A way to relax and simplify life. As for the gifts, Alisson says she found a great system, each year she gives two gifts. The first one is a gift that “marks the occasion,” i.e. something that she is sure Mathew will enjoy, like tickets to a soccer match. The second is a personalized gift that will have more significance, such as a blanket covered with images that remind them of a favorite memory.

Now, here’s a big question: how do you keep the flame alive with your lover? Alisson immediately responds: you must continue to seduce each other!

“When you get into a relationship, and even more so when you become a parent, sometimes you get tired and make less effort to surprise the other person. However, we must always continue the game of seduction. Personally, when we go out together, I always dress up and look feminine. I do other nice things, like running a bath for him, or preparing his favorite cocktail. What we especially enjoy is leaving sweet notes to each other in the kitchen, the car, the living room.”

On another note, at Toombow Kids, we know that the schoolyard is a good place for first love, but that unfortunately, at that age, we don’t know how to show affection to people we like or have a crush on. Like the goddess of love Aphrodite, Alisson wanted to share one last piece of advice for our youngest readers.

“Always say what’s on your mind. On Valentine’s Day, if you like a boy or a girl, then write a little letter or make a drawing to let him or her know how you feel. Enjoy your innocence because afterwards it won’t be the same!” (laughs)

The Toombow Kids team wishes Alisson much happiness in her relationship and a Happy Valentine’s Day to all! And if you haven’t found your Princess or Prince Charming yet, don’t worry: good fairies sometimes take time before casting their love spells!

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