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Timmy’s destiny

Timmy is a hospital bed
toombow kids

Every day, thousands of children struggle to escape the clutches of disease, and the entire Toombow Kids team is thinking of them. Because we believe it is important not to turn a blind eye to what these children are going through and to share their stories, Toombow Kids would like you to met Timmy, a very brave young boy hospitalized in Chicago, USA.

Timmy is 12 years old and is suffering from leukemia. He is currently in his hospital bed undergoing treatment. He was a normal kid who went to school, played with his friends and loved his parents. However, his life was turned upside down overnight at the age of 9 when doctors diagnosed him with cancer. Since then, he has become a hopeful fighter against this terrible disease. Timmy told us that he believes in his future and will not give up! He has been undergoing chemotherapy for 3 years now, which has affected him greatly; he is losing his hair, is very tired and has trouble eating. The boy often wonders if he will ever have a normal life again and if he will be able to continue school or play soccer with his friends. In his entourage, he can count on the unwavering support of his parents, his friends, nurses and doctors at the hospital who firmly believe in his recovery.

This of course makes Timmy happy and he also motivates himself by clinging to his dream: to become a firefighter and save lives . He is a very strong teenager who always smiles, even in this battle against this deadly disease. What stands out about him is his unfailing optimism, the way he transmits happiness and joy to those around him. Despite his young age, Timmy is already learning from this battle. It makes him realize that life is sometimes not easy and that we must remain strong to see better days, and for that, this little hero deserves all our respect.

His condition is improving slightly lately, the treatments are working and Timmy should soon enter the final phase of care which should accelerate his recovery so that, we hope, he can be cured once and for all. It is not easy for him, his fight is not over yet, but Timmy sends us all a beautiful message of hope : In life, nothing is lost in advance, we must fight and remain hopeful because we cannot win without persevering.

The Toombow Kids team thinks about all of the sick children in the world and wishes them all a speedy recovery.

Mister Cookie Doki
Knock, knock, come in, it's Mr. Cookie Doki, your happiest friend. If you are lying on a hospital bed, this column is for you. I want to see your beautiful smile, so I will send you magic dust that will help you stay connected. Every time you eat a cookie, I will bring you lots of strength and courage. Never give up !