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A Princess wedding for Emma Edwards, a little angel gone too soon

A Princess wedding for Emma Edwards, a little angel gone too soon

On July 11, 2023, a little Princess went to heaven. Emma Brooks Edwards was just 10 years old, and unfortunately there was nothing she could do about the leukemia she had been battling for 16 months. But before reaching the stars, the little girl was able to see her biggest dream come true: to have a fairytale wedding with the boy she loved, Daniel Marshall Christopher Jr., aka “DJ.” Discover the story of this touching and tragic love affair with Toombow Kids.

On June 29, 2023, Emma Edwards and her fiancé DJ Williams tied the knot. Although this was not a real marriage, it had a very strong symbolic value. In front of their families and friends, the little girl was able to realize her dream of making her love official with the boy she’s loved all her life. This special wedding was organized because, a year and a half earlier, Emma’s destiny had been turned upside down. She had always been in perfect health, but began to complain of inexplicable pain, prompting her parents to consult a number of specialists to find out the cause. In April 2022, the verdict was in: the little girl had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer affecting the blood and bones. In the town of Walnut Cove, North Carolina, the young warrior’s parents and loved ones held their breath and were hopeful that treatment would succeed in curing her.

After months of fighting the cancer and watching Emma’s condition deteriorate, doctors told her parents in June that, despite their best efforts, Emma had only a few days to live. This came as a real shock to them, especially as they thought the specialists would be able to provide a different type of treatment. Knowing this, the couple wanted to make their daughter’s last days on earth as memorable as possible, so they decided to organize a mock wedding between Emma and the boy she had loved all her life, Daniel Marshall Christopher William Jr. The groom was thrilled about the idea!

The parents first took the idea to their daughter’s school, which refused. Far from being discouraged, they took matters into their own hands and rallied the support of their community. The neighborhood organized several fundraising events, while shops, cars and motorcycles in town carried slogans such as “Emma’s Army.” Thanks to this, a beautiful ceremony was organized in a large garden in the presence of a hundred guests. Music, decorations, food and a festive atmosphere – all the hallmarks of an authentic wedding! Emma’s father even walked her down the aisle, while her best friend was maid of honor and a close family friend read a Bible verse. At the end of this touching ceremony, DJ planted a kiss on the lips of his beloved, to the applause of the audience, who were visibly moved by this demonstration of true love.

Twelve days later, Emma passed away peacefully, surrounded by those who meant the most to her. She loved jokes, art, her family, her friends and, of course, her new “husband.”  A celebration of the little girl’s life was held at Hayworth Chapel on July 16. Emma had asked everyone to wear bright, fun colors, as she wanted it to be a festive occasion.

In the twinkling stars above us now shines Emma, whose love and determination will forever be etched in our hearts.

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