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Shelly Gold, the future cabaret of Mason Ewing Corp

Shelly Gold, the future cabaret of Mason Ewing Corp
Ewing Publication

As part of its expansion into the entertainment industry, the American holding company Mason Ewing Corporation has announced that its creative teams are already working to imagine the various attractions and main venues that will be built in their future amusement park, Madison Park. Among them will be the Enchanting Mermaid cabaret, a venue inspired by the universe of Shelly Gold, a fictional pin-up created by Mason Ewing whose story will also be revealed in a book scheduled for release in 2024. After speaking with several members of the MEC, Toombow Kids delivers everything you need to know in advance about this future venue with high ambitions.

In the history of Jonathanland, the city imagined by the CEO of Mason Ewing Corp, Shelly Gold’s fame was partly built on the boards of the cabaret “The Enchanting Mermaid,” where she performed. Thanks to her great beauty and talents as a singer and dancer, she helped make this cabaret a legendary and popular place among Jonathanland residents in the early 1940s. The Mason Ewing Corp group intends to expand its heroine’s universe by allowing fans to visit a real version of the “Enchanting Mermaid” cabaret and offering them a varied artistic program featuring numerous artists and original shows. Within this venue, the atmosphere will be carefully orchestrated to immerse visitors in an enchanting maritime universe. Carved wooden tables, velvet armchairs, an elegant stage adorned with a long red carpet will be arranged in the establishment. In addition, decorations related to the sea world as well as numerous photos of military sailors will complete the decor to transport guests into the ambiance of the era. To stay true to Shelly Gold’s story, the waitresses of the “Enchanting Mermaid” cabaret will wear blue and white sailor berets, tops of a similar color highlighting their midriff, adorned with a beautiful blue bow at the neckline. Their attire will be complemented by blue mini-skirts, very high black heels, and always tied hair, aiming to give them a retro-chic look.

Regarding gastronomy, the cabaret will offer menus crafted with fresh and seasonal products, and will emphasize a selection of dishes inspired by its mythology, including the famous “boat crepes,” the “pirate waffle,” or the “Banana Chou” drink, original creations of Chef Miss Darla Cookie Pirate in the adventures of Shelly Gold. Finally, “the Enchanting Mermaid” will also stand out for its interactive animations, inviting spectators to become actors on the scene. Mason Ewing Corporation prefers to keep the mystery on the subject for now but promises adults who visit the venue that they will be able to spend a convivial moment with friends there.

In summary, the “Enchanting Mermaid” cabaret promises to be a must-visit destination for entertainment and escapism enthusiasts. At the crossroads of the past and the present, this iconic venue promises to seduce visitors with its enchanting atmosphere, varied animations, and unique atmosphere. An immersive and unforgettable experience awaits guests, who will dive into the fascinating universe of the Roaring Twenties at the heart of Madison Park.