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Madison Color: the evolution of fashion with Baby Madison

Madison Color the evolution of fashion with Baby Madison
Madison Color

Fashion shows have always been the stage for creativity and innovation, showcasing original and daring pieces that often leave a lasting impression. One remembers, in particular, Kim Kardashian at Kanye West’s Yeezy show, sporting oversized leather jackets, form-fitting latex leggings, and transparent heeled boots. Similarly, Bella Hadid dazzled the audience during a Victoria’s Secret show with the famous “Fantasy Bra,” lingerie adorned with diamonds and gemstones, accompanied by oversized wings with elaborate decorations. However, despite all these extravagances, there is one element that has never been presented on fashion runways: braille clothing. Outfits designed not only to be visually seen and appreciated but also to be read by touch. An innovative idea that took shape in the mind of American-Cameroonian stylist Mason Ewing and that he will present in his new Madison Color clothing collection at the Revenge fashion show on October 23, 2024, in Los Angeles. With nearly 6 months until the event, we offer you the opportunity to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of this brand that is reshaping the codes of the fashion industry.

Since its inception, Madison Color has established itself as a UFO in the world of fashion with its avant-garde creations, rooted in the vision of its founder Mason Ewing, a blind serial creative. On each garment in this range is Baby Madison, an adorable mixed-race baby with chubby cheeks, blond hair, and almond-shaped big blue eyes. Why opt for an infant as the brand’s emblem? For its creator, babies symbolize innocence, purity, and renewal, just like every creation of Madison Color, which is a new birth, an explosion of colors and textures that celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each individual. Baby Madison embodies this idea of openness and freedom, inviting everyone to express themselves freely through fashion.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Madison Color is the use of braille on its T-shirts. This innovative initiative aims to promote inclusion and make fashion accessible to all, including visually impaired and blind people. Thus, each “Baby Madison” motif is accompanied by its braille equivalent indicating the size and color of the model as well as the activity of the baby (Baby Madison Golfer, Baby Madison Rocker, etc.), offering a unique sensory experience that allows everyone to feel the magic of fashion in their own way.

At the heart of Madison Color beats a dynamic and exciting creative process relentlessly exploring new ideas, inspirations, and techniques to bring their collections to life. From art to nature and popular culture, every element of daily life can give birth to a new design. As mentioned earlier, one of the most striking features of the brand is the diversity of “Baby Madison” patterns, where each baby is depicted in a different activity to reflect the richness of styles and personalities in everyday life and Madison Color’s desire to capture every moment with a fresh perspective. From casual outfits to more elegant pieces, Madison Color offers an infinite number of possibilities to express one’s creativity and authenticity. But beyond inspiration, it is the vision for the brand’s future that guides every creation.

Madison Color’s motto is to go beyond its status as a clothing brand and promote a true lifestyle by inspiring to create a community of free, bold, and authentic people, ready to assert their individuality with pride. The brand aims to be timeless, thanks to its Baby Madison logo. By choosing a living being as its emblem, Madison Color frees itself from the constraints associated with an inanimate object or a fixed design. Baby Madison can adapt to the style of its time, offering flexibility and relevance that transcend the fleeting trends of fashion. If the trend is for T-shirts and jeans, Baby Madison will wear them with ease. Similarly, whether it’s light outfits or loose and casual clothes, Baby Madison will always accurately embody the spirit of the moment. By embodying the vibrancy and diversity of life, Baby Madison symbolizes eternal renewal and the adaptability of Madison Color to all eras and styles.

To proudly wear its colors, Madison Color carefully selects its ambassadors, favoring not only their physical appearance but also their values. Louis Lopez, brand ambassador and 20-year-old actor, perfectly embodies this spirit with his sparkling personality and dynamic style. However, Madison Color is not limited to adult ambassadors: the brand also relies on young talents like Isma R, who, at only 12 and a half years old, was elected junior ambassador. The teenager has a special connection with Madison Color, having worn prototype T-shirts from the brand since she was very young. This deep bond between Isma and Madison Color continues to flourish as she grows, and today, she actively contributes to promoting it by showcasing her own style and creativity.

In the future, the new ambassadors and models selected by the brand will be carefully chosen to ensure that they share Madison Color’s positive and inclusive values. Recently seen in a promotional teaser for this brand, Louis Lopez and Isma R have signed with the freshly new Mason Model Empire modeling agency, and there is no doubt that they will continue to shine for Baby Madison, this baby who definitely has more than one trick up his sleeve!