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Kristen Corona, EPP’s dynamic ambassador

Kristen Corona, EPP's dynamic ambassador
Ewing Power Production

The American production company Ewing Power Production announced the name of its American ambassador, Kristen Corona, in a video on its website in early 2023. A real ray of sunshine, she confided in us to allow readers to learn more about her. In an exclusive interview with Toombow Kids, we meet this creative and determined woman with a pure heart.

Toombow Kids: Hi Kristen, how are you? Can you tell us about yourself?

Kristen: Hi, I’m fine thank you very much! Yes of course! Well, I’m a woman who doesn’t like to tell her age (laughs) but I’m 32 years old. I currently work as a teacher and I teach K-12 online courses on most academic subjects. Also, I am a career guidance counselor to children in grades 6-8. Regarding my educational background, I attended a pre-college program at Carnegie Mellon University and have a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Point Park University.

Toombow Kids: How did you feel when you were chosen to be an ambassador for Ewing Power Production?

Kristen: I was so honored! It touched my heart to know that Mason Ewing (the CEO of Mason Ewing Corp) remembered me after all these years and still considers me a close friend and someone to be trusted. That means a lot to me.

Toombow Kids: We can imagine, yes! In the video of your presentation on the Ewing Power Production website, you are smiling and in a good mood. Are you always like that?

Kristen: Oh, I wish! (laughs) Life has been crazy for me and I’ve had my sad moments like anyone else. However, I have always chosen to let love for God, people and passion for life guide me to stay positive. By the way, my name “Kristen” means purity and hope. Most people tell me that I am pure of heart and optimistic and that always encourages me to stay positive. God, my church, my family and my friends always encourage me at the right time!

Toombow Kids: That’s a great mindset. What is the best word to describe you?

Kristen: It’s hard to choose a word… But if I had to say one, it would be “loving”.

Toombow Kids: Good choice ! Is it a challenge for you to be the EPP ambassador?

Kristen: I will say this: to represent a company or person, I have to believe in the morals and values that they stand for. EPP is led by someone that I trust and know has a authentic, passionate, and winning heart. This is what I stand behind and am honored to represent. I don’t know what lies ahead, but I am very versatile, resourceful and honest. I work well in a variety of environments, I am good with people and making connections. I take my reputation seriously and I intend to do the same for EPP!

Toombow Kids: We can see that you are very motivated! By the way, recently we saw you play one of the leading roles in the short film D.A.D. directed by James A. Sims, which won many awards ,such as Best Science Fiction short film at the Indie Short Fest in October 2022. This is an international short film festival that takes place in Los Angeles. What was your experience on the set?

Kristen: It was an amazing experience! I worked with James before on a project and it was memorable, so when he contacted me about D.A.D., I was thrilled. He’s a great family man who is very sweet and his daughters played my daughters in the movie. They are full of life and so much fun. His beautiful wife and other children were also on set, so there was definitely a family atmosphere during the shoot. The actor who played the father is also a filmmaker, family man and talented actor. It was wonderful to work with him and we may work together in the future. The team was excellent, professional and friendly. There is talk of making the project into a feature film and when that happens, I would love to work with them again!

Toombow Kids: We hope that happens for you ! What movie inspires you the most?

Kristen: Oh, that’s a tough question because there are so many great classics out there. If I had to give you just one, I would say the movie Love Me or Leave Me, a musical drama film with Doris Day and James Cagney. It’s a well-written story with two dynamic actors who are true to the art of acting. James Cagney did an incredible job with his character and gave his acting a classic feel while Doris Day had a more modern approach for her character. Their relationship has many ups and downs, and their tragic but undeniable love leaves you wondering where it all went wrong. Was James Cagney’s character the villain? I could go on for hours, but what inspires me is the amount of effort, respect, collaboration and love that went into a film like this. That’s the kind of project I want to be a part of today!

Toombow Kids: Noted. Currently, the production company Ewing Power Production is working on various feature film projects in all genres. Is there a genre you prefer more than others?

Kristen: I love everything! But I still prefer movies with love, drama and a bit of history like Titanic. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is horror, but other than that, I’m up for anything.

Toombow Kids: Open-mindedness is a strength! As an ambassador for EPP, you will be appearing in many movies and series that will be produced by the company. Do you feel up to this challenge?

Kristen: Of course! Acting is my passion, and doing it with people I love is even better!

Toombow Kids: Besides acting, what are your passions? How do you spend your free time?

Kristen: I love to dance and I go to class every week. I love to sing and have been practicing vocally for many years. I also have a passion for encouraging others and serving God! I also really enjoy scuba diving and traveling, foods and clothes from different countries, watching movies and TV shows with my loved ones, exercising and eating healthy… I also love to work in  different fields such as real estate, working with children and serving others.

Toombow Kids: You certainly don’t have time to be bored with so many activities! What would you say to kids who dream of becoming actors in the United States?

Kristen: Many people will try to give you advice, but remember that it is your life. Other people do not get to decide what your life will be. No matter how long it takes, or how many ups and downs you experience, never give in and never give up! The oldest person to win an Oscar was Christopher Plummer at age  82! You have a lifetime to live that dream, and that’s the beauty of acting! For me, God has always guided me. Find your own guide!

Toombow Kids: Thank you Kristen for answering our questions. The entire team appreciates your good humor and wishes you the best in your future projects with EPP!