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Jacques “Will”: Healing from the past when you’re an orphan

Jacques Will Healing from the past when you're an orphan
Jacques Pastorios

In the bustling streets of a city in Cameroon, a 17-year-old young man named Jacques Pastorios, affectionately nicknamed Will, navigates his path with determination despite the challenges he has faced at a young age, orphaned by his mother and abandoned by his father. In an exclusive interview with Toombow Kids, he shares his story marked by loss, courage, and dreams of a better future.

Will has been immersed in the world of automotive mechanics for two years now. A choice dictated not by passion, but by circumstances.

“No, I don’t really enjoy it,” he admits frankly. “It dirties my clothes too much and it doesn’t pay enough.”

His burning desire is to pursue a more fitting education, a path that would allow him to fully explore his talents and fulfill his aspirations. Disregarding his youth, Will had to face a heavy trial from a young age: his mother, Natacha, passed away when he was only 2 years old. It was his maternal grandmother who took him in thereafter. Unfortunately, during this period when the young boy needed his father the most, he was rarely around, his presence almost non-existent.

“He was like a stranger,” he confides, his heart heavy.

His father severed all ties with him at the age of 12 without any explanation, leaving Will in deep confusion and sadness. With both parents gone from his life, the boy found himself orphaned.

For the past four years, the sun has risen again in his life: Will shares his daily life with his maternal uncle, who generously welcomed him into his home. Despite the trials he has endured, Will finds in this new family a warm and comforting refuge, and he shares a deep bond with his uncle’s children, considering them as his own brothers and sisters. Their complicity is palpable, and Will fully invests himself in his role as the older brother, guiding, supporting, and sharing moments of joy and tenderness with them.

“I am proud to be their big brother,” he declares with a tender smile. “I tell them stories, we play together, we do everything together. I give them advice, I help them with their homework.”

There, he finds stability and support. To escape the weight of painful memories, he finds refuge in football, where he excels as a defender. Ramos and Messi, his favorite players, are a great source of inspiration for him. Off the field, he immerses himself in cartoons on the Télétoon channel, getting carried away by series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, or the Sisters. But even in moments of happiness, the pain of losing his mother sometimes haunts him.

“I often think of my mother and cry,” he admits sincerely. “But to help me, I am lucky because my family is always there to support me.”

His faith in God and his religious practice are also essential pillars in his life, which have allowed him to maintain hope for a better future. His greatest dream is to start his own business and become a building engineer, convinced that this is where the most opportunities lie.

As advice for other children who have lost one or both parents, Will emphasizes the importance of faith.

“When I was at my lowest, I always clung to my faith,” he shares. “Prayer and reading the Bible helped me a lot through difficult times. I advise everyone going through similar trials to never lose hope and always keep the faith.”

In a recent study conducted by various charitable organizations such as UNICEF, Save the Children, or SOS Children’s Villages among orphaned children, it was observed that young people like Will, despite the challenges they face, show remarkable resilience when supported by their family and community. These data highlight the crucial importance of family and social support in the healing process of orphaned children. The situation of orphaned children is often a misunderstood reality, but it requires continuous attention and support from society. Stories like Will’s shed light on the strength and resilience of children facing difficult situations, as well as the importance of providing them with a stable and loving environment to help them overcome trials and fulfill their full potential.

In Will’s case, the greatest source of happiness lies in the wonderful affectionate support he has found within his family. He feels blessed by the unconditional love shown to him by his loved ones, and he does everything in his power to reciprocate. His family, composed of his maternal uncle, aunt, and children, as well as other individuals, has become a true home for him where he finds comfort and affection. Will considers his uncle’s children as his own brothers and sisters and cherishes every moment spent with them as a true treasure.

Will’s case is far from an isolated one in Africa. Indeed, on this continent, the spirit of solidarity within families is very present, especially when a member finds themselves in need, as is the case when a child loses their parents or is abandoned. In many African households, the door is always open to children who have lost their parents, and they are welcomed with open arms, surrounded by love and support. In contrast, in many Western societies, there is unfortunately a more pronounced prevalence of the marginalization of homeless individuals, including minors who may be abandoned on the streets by their parents without any family members welcoming them.

Thus, Will’s story highlights the critical importance of family support in the lives of orphaned children. Toombow Kids fully supports him and sends him a shower of positive vibes, hoping that his path to a better future is paved with happiness and success.

Teddy Bear
Hey, listen up ! I'm a little teddy bear who lost his mother, so I was an orphan. But now I'm all grown up. I created this column especially for children who live in an orphanage. Don't give up, know that there is a solution for every problem. Somewhere in the stars, there is a small light that watches over you. So always keep hope, never give up, and remember that I, the teddy bear, am also here for you.